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Boarding and Grooming Services

Providing a comfortable, fun, and safe stay for your pets

Monday - Saturday: 8am-12am & 1pm-5pm
Sunday and Holidays: 9am-10am & 3pm-4:30pm

dog boarding.jpg

$30 per night

All overnight accommodations include: Daily turnouts in play yards (individually or with play groups depending on your dog's specific needs), resting cot, bowls, water pails, nap and bedtime treats.

$16 for each additional dog

Our suites and cabins vary in size from 4' to 6' wide and from 8' to 10' long, all offering plenty of room for your dog to stretch out and make the space their own!

Vizsla Dogs
Grooming 1a.jpg
Grooming 1a.jpg


Bath, Brush, Blowout/Blowdry

  • ​​$15 for small dogs

  • $20 for medium dogs

  • $25 for large dogs

Full Grooming Session

  • $40 for small dogs

  • $50 for medium dogs

  • $60 for large dogs

Nail Trim

  • $5 all dogs

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