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Dog Park Rules

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• Canine and human members and visitors are expected to behave with common courtesy and respect for the property as well as the other park users.

• Owners must stay with their dogs as they move around the park. Owners are expected to control their dogs, and to encourage and supervise them as they move around the park.

• Dogs are expected to have basic obedience training and respond to voice commands.

• All park dogs must be evaluated and approved to use the park. If you get a new dog, obtain a foster dog, or are pet sitting a dog, they must be evaluated and have proof of vaccinations before they can be admitted to the park.

• Dogs that are exhibiting symptoms of an illness or injury are not permitted into the park.

• Owners will always assume responsibility and liability for the actions and behaviors of their dogs, including loss, damage, or injury of any kind sustained by any human or dog while using the park.

• No choke or prong collars are allowed in the park as they can snag on things in the park.

• All owners must clean up after their dogs. Bags and trash cans are located all over the park.

• Puppies must be at least 4 months old and have completed basic puppy shots.

• No female dogs in season are allowed in the park.

• No children under 10 years old allowed in the park.

• All vaccinations for Rabies, Bordatella, and Distemper must be current.

• Dogs should receive year-round heartworm and flea prevention.

• Maximum 3 dogs per owner.

• We do not allow excessive digging, barking, or fence fighting.

• No “people food”, smoking, vaping, or glass containers allowed in the park.

• No food in bowls, long lasting chews, or bones allowed in the park. Small bitesize treats are allowed but do not share with other dogs without permission.

• Retrievable toys are encouraged: frisbees, balls, chuck-its. Rope toys are discouraged. (Be prepared to share)

• Dogs must be off leash while inside the park and must be on leash when exiting the park and in the parking lot.

Have FUN!

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